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Give your family and friends a “Gift of Great Taste” with Village Inn gift cards. They’re easy to send through email or regular mail, and even easier to redeem.





Where can a Village Inn Gift Card be used?

The Village Inn Gift Card is a pre-paid Gift Card that can be used as payment towards purchases at participating Village Inn restaurants.


How can I check the balance of my Village Inn Gift Card?

Balance inquiries can be made online at Just click on the button "Check Card Balance".


Does my Village Inn Gift Card expire?

No, Village Inn's gift cards do not expire or carry any fees. Village Inn may occasionally offer Promotional Cards, which may carry an expiration date which will be printed on the Promotional Card.


Can I change the value of my gift card purchase or cancel the transaction?

We're sorry, but all gift card transactions are final. If you want to increase the gift card value, then a new transaction will be required.


Are Village Inn Gift Cards sold in specific denominations? Is there a minimum or maximum value?

The Village Inn Gift Card offers flexibility to choose the denomination value. A Gift Card may be purchased in several standard denominations, and can also be customized for a minimum value of at least $10, and a maximum value of $250 per card.


What is an eGift Card?

An eGift Card is an electronic or eGift Card, as opposed to a traditional plastic Gift Card.


Are there any fees associated with purchasing an eGift Card?

There are no delivery or handling charges for purchasing an eGift Card; you only pay for the face value of the Gift Card.


How will the recipient know that I sent them an eGift Card?

The recipient of the eGift Card will receive an email indicating that an eGift Card has been sent to them.


How will I know that the recipient opened their eGift Card?

You will receive an email notification when the recipient opens the email containing their eGift Card. You can also track the status of the Gift Card by entering your confirmation number and e-mail address.


How long does it take for an eGift Card to reach the recipient?

Most orders are processed within 60 mins but may take up to 6 hours. For your protection and the protection of the merchant, all gift cards are subject to review and will be processed and delivered to the gift recipient accordingly. Please wait 6 hours before contacting Customer Service with any questions. 


I recently purchased and sent an eGift Card but it has not arrived. What should I do?

Occasionally eGift Cards are intercepted by spam filters; please check with the recipient to see if their Gift Card is in their spam or junk folders. It is also possible that the email address was incorrectly entered at the time of purchase; please check the email address you entered for the recipient. You can also resend the Gift Card by entering the email address and confirmation number associated with the Gift Card, then selecting the 'Track' button. Once the Gift Card appears, select the 'Send' button. Enter the appropriate email address and select 'Submit.' The Gift Card has now been resent.


Can I schedule an eGift Card to be delivered at a future date and time?

This is a very popular feature if you want your Gift Card to arrive at that very special moment. eGift Cards can be delivered immediately (subject to credit card and security processing time) or at any future date and time.


What forms of payment do you accept to purchase the Village Inn Gift Card?

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Are there any limits on the number of Village Inn Gift Cards that can be purchased in one transaction?

The maximum amount of Gift Cards that can be purchased in a single online transaction is $2,000.


I placed my Village Inn Gift Card order on a weekend. When will it be processed?

All plastic Gift Card orders placed over the weekend will be processed the following business day. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive the Gift Card using standard shipping. eGift Card orders are processed every day.


Can I cancel my Village Inn Gift Card order?

No, Gift Card orders are final and orders cannot be canceled


I did not receive my Village Inn Gift Card on time. Can I get a refund for my Gift Card purchase?

Gift Card orders are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded. Please take shipping times into consideration when placing an order and allow sufficient time to receive Gift Cards. For standard shipping, please allow 5-7 business days for orders to arrive. For expedited shipping, please allow 1-2 business days for orders to arrive. Please note that shipping times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed.


Where can Village Inn Gift Cards be shipped?

Gift Cards can be shipped anywhere in the United States.


Can Village Inn Gift Card orders be sent to a P.O. Box?

Gift Card orders cannot be delivered to P.O. Box addresses.


I lost my Village Inn Gift Card or my Gift Card was stolen, but I have the Gift Card number. Can I still use the card or can it be cancelled?

Village Inn cannot be responsible for lost or stolen cards, however, if you have proof of purchase contact customer care for assistance. If we find your gift card has not been redeemed or has some remaining value, we can cancel the original and issue you a new eGift Card for that value.