Easter Pie Reservation Pick-Up Protocols

Made an Easter pie reservation? Here’s how to pick up your pie while still practicing social distancing.

Read below the social distancing protocols we will have in place when you arrive to pick-up your Easter pies:

  1. Our main dining room will be reserved for pie pick-up ONLY. All third party delivery services and to-go orders will be designated to our smaller dining area for those orders to be picked-up.
  2. Our pie pick-up line will have Stand Here markers to direct guests to adhere to 6 feet distancing from other guests.
  3. We will have door attendants and additional Village Inn team members directing guests through the pie pick-up line.
  4. Village Inn will allow no more than 15 guests in the restaurant during the pie pick up process.
  5. If at any point there becomes more than 15 guests waiting outside to pick-up their pies, cashiers will take payment for pies and write down the guest’s phone number, make/model of their car and someone will bring their pies out to their car.

Additionally, we will be actively sanitizing pin pads, door handles, and other commonly touched parts of the restaurant to protect both Village Inn guests and team members. Our team members will also be adhering to a glove protocol.

Thank you for reserving your Easter pie from Village Inn, we can’t wait to serve you!