Village Inn Franchises
Great Investment
If you are ready for a business opportunity that offers an excellent return on investment, you should strongly consider a Village Inn franchise:

In turn, Village Inn offers you all the tools you need to be successful:
  • Initial investments competitive with other mid-scale family-restaurant franchise opportunities
  • Financial requirements include $850,000 minimum net worth and $350,000 liquid capital
  • Initial franchise fee: $40,000 for first restaurant and a reduced franchise fee for locations 2 through 5 if you sign a multi unit Area Development Agreement (ADA).
  • Royalty: 4%
  • Production fee: 0.5%
  • Local store marketing requirement: 1%
  • Variety of restaurant prototypes for custom fit in urban, inner-city, small town or suburban locations
  • Consultants available to help your architect customize ground-up, conversion or in-line site plans to accommodate size requirements and local zoning codes